Desizing,boiling and bleaching series
 Clip mercerizing series
 Padding and dyeing series
 Washing machine series
 Pre-shrinking series
 Common used cell series
 Electric control flow series
Electric control flow series

Xinlian Printing Electrical Branch is specialized to design and manufacture main control system and cabinet for printing and dyeing machinery. We also design, manufacture and install the electrical control systems for outside customers while we finish the internal tasks. We supply also repaire, maintenance, restructuring and so on technical services.
The transmission used in printing machine are all adopt converter speed adjuster, the electrical control system is following the basic principle of simple, high quality and reliable, adopting the structure of programmable controller/man-machine interface + converter, to realize system control automation.
Our company uses all imported converters. Mitsubishi PLC and WEINVIEW or DIGITAL touch display to manufacture the electrical cabinet, uses standardized build up cabinet box powder painted and high quality elements.
All the important parameters: temperature, humidity, liquid level, tensien, PH, capacity, shrinkage etc can be on-line controlled, easy for cutomer to select the options, productivity is high, technical repeatability is good.
Intellectualized operational system, Chinese operating interface, easy to use and reliable, all parameters are clear at a glance, also with failure alarm or display.

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