Desizing,boiling and bleaching series
 Clip mercerizing series
 Padding and dyeing series
 Washing machine series
 Pre-shrinking series
 Common used cell series
 Electric control flow series
Pre-shrinking series

1. Shrinking range
(1). By means of watering cotton, terylene, hemp and its blends in order to shrinke the fabric to meet the requirements of shrinkage,stabilization and improve the hand touch.
(2). Nominal width:1800-3600mm.
(3). AC fregency conversion transmission, desiged speed:10-80m/minute.
(4). Shrinkage:≤16%,water shrinkage≤1%.
(5). Rubber carpet: imported from Canada or domestic high quality rubber carpet.
(6). Diameter of support roller: φ616mm with imported bearings
Big and small dry rellors:φ2000mm andφ1000mm orφ2500mm and 3pcs ofφ570mm.
(7). Watering: steaming roller 1 or 2 pcs, or with water fog box.
(8). Appropriative frequeucy modulation motor , shrinkage displayed, man-machine interface operation.
(9). Friction roller added with glycerin(or kerosene),optioned axial deviation.
LMH443 Shrinking range Suitable for shrinking of medium and thin fabric. (11m long)
LMH445 Shrinking range Suitable for shrinking of thick fabric. (14m long)

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