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LMH424 Hot wind rendering range(26m long)
LMH788 Baking range(20m long)
LMH425-649 Continuous pad dyeing range(78m long)
LMH424-698-649 Continuous pad dyeing range(88m long)
LMH425-788-650 Continuous pad dyeing range(85m long)
LMH428 Cool pad dyeing range(38m long)

Padding and hot flue drying range,Bakingmachine

1. Application
This range is used for rendering of dyeing material to the cotton,terylene,hemp and its blends fabrics,also padding,hot flue drying and high temperature baking.
2. Technical features
(1). To use the building block structure, you can combine the production lines according the requirements of different
products and technologies.
(2). Common used width:1800-3600mm.
(3). Common used diameters of the rollers:φ150-φ300mm.
(4). Mangling machine optional: domestic or imported from Germany.
(5). Adopting directional radiator to dry, automatic removement with pneumatics.
(6). Pre-drying roller coated with polymer, easy to clean.
(7). Capacity of loading fabric:Pre-drying:50-100m Baking range:70-105m
(8). Big roller, short center distance, multi-point grouped frequency conversion transmission, less crumples,suitable for
high-density elastic product.
(9). Each group of hot wind drying cabinet has 6 shifts wind adjustments, in order to control color difference effectively.
(10). Pre-dryer heating by steam; baking heated by thermal oil electricity, gas etc, temperature control automatically.
(11). Ac frequency conversion transmission, designed speed: 10-80m/minute.


Padding Dyeing Series
1. Application
This range is used for soaping or printing of cotton,terylene,hemp and its blends fabrics, to develop the color of the dyeing material and to purify the dyeing liquid.
2. Technical features:
(1). To use the building block structure, you can combine the promotion lines according to the requirements of different products and technologies.
(2). Common used nominal width:1800-3600mm.
(3). Common used diameter of roller:φ150-φ200mm.
(4). AC frequency conversion transmission, designed speed:10-80m/minute.
(5). Reduction steamer:Capacity:50-80m.
(6). Soaping steam box capacity:20-40m.
(7). High efficiency water cleaning to ensure color effective.
3. The features of steam box:
(1). Box body is made of stainless steel, by laser cutting, CNC bending, welding on the flat, surface blasted.
(2). Synchronized driving, using multi-point asychronized motor, with frequency
conversion, less crumples.
(3). Fabric in, steam and wet seal, material trough locates under the box, automaticoverturn, easy to clean. Fabric out, wet seal, the temperature in the box is
102 ℃+2℃,could be automatically controlled.
(4). Flat roof, with stainless steel pipe, heating with thermal oil, without dropping.
(5). 2 layers of glass window, easy to operate and quick cooler upwards.
(6). Stainless steel bearing pillows, with mechanical seals, reliable.
(7). Concavo-convex bottom of the box, high strength, quick warm up, easy to clean.
(8). The bottom of box is optional to use flat bottom and centrilized structure of saturated steam.

Cool Pad Dyeing Range
1. Used for cool pad dyeing with active dyestuff.
2. On-line control to multi-parameters, ensure the dyeing quality, and repeatable.
3. Active control wind up, controlled tension of fabric, constant speed and tension of fabric when moving.
4. The liquid content is automatically controlled with proportion,temperature and liquid level, Strict control
the color difference.
5. Equiped with interior fabric bracket which can be automatical adjusted according the diameter change
of the fabric roll, strictly avoid rimples.

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