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 Clip mercerizing series
 Padding and dyeing series
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Clip mercerizing series

High speed chainless mercerizing range(51m long)
Pine piled up clipless mercerizing range(69m long)
High speed clip chain clipless mercerizing range(75m long)
High speed clip chain mercerizing range(72m long)
High speed multifunctional clip chain mercerizing range(78m long)

Energy-saving function efficiently mercerizing range

Clip roller part

Clip mercerizing range

1. Application
Applied to mercerizing of cotton, terylene, hemp and its blends fabrics, to improve the fabric luster, easy to be colored,
dimensional stability and hand touch.
2. Technical features
(1). To use the building block structure you can combine the production lines according to the requirements of different
products and technologies,

Mercerizing range
Clip mercerizing range, roller clip mercerizing range
roller mercerizing range
Common nominal width (mm)

(3). AC frequency conversion transmission
Machine speed: 10-80m/minute
High speed mercerizing range speed: 15-120mm/minute
(4). Clip rail with nylon plate, clip chain is rolling friction, suitable for medium and high speed running.
Clip chain pitch (m)
Number of flush and suck
5 flush 5 suck
4 flush 4 suck

(5). It has erect type mercerizing looes pile mercerizing,wet fabric mercerizingand energy saving washing area to choose.

Mercerizing range chainless

1.Straight roller, upper is nitrile butadiene rubber roller, lower is ting screw thread structure to avoid fabric weft sfiranking.
2.Common used stainless steel ting screw thread roller:
  Mercerizing section: 12 15 18 24 30
  Stabilization section: 8 10 12 14 16
3.Straight roller with automatic raising system in the reaction section easy to operate.
4.The driving systems for straight rollers with tension coordinate function, easy to operate.
5.Straight roller wash alkali use steam jet pumps to heat up and compart rinse.


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