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Desizing,boiling and bleaching series

Desizing,boiling and bleaching series
1. Application
  This range is used for desizing, scouring and bleaching the fabrics of cotton, hemp and their blends, the whiteness and capillary effect are enhanced, thus the quality of the fabric can meet the requirement of the sequence process.
2. Technical features
  (1) Use the building block structure; you can combine the production lines according to
the requirements of different products and technologies.
  (2) Nominal width: 1800-3600mm.
  (3) Diameter of roller: φ150-φ200mm.
  (4) AC frequency conversion transmission, machine speed: 80/100m/minute.
  (5) Steaming box structure: single layer grid sheet steaming box, single layer complex
steaming box, double layer complex steaming box.
  (6) Stainless steel grid structure, to make the saturated steam easy to reach, ensures the
consistency of the scouring and bleaching and avoids the crosspiece printing.
  (7) In pre-heating zone, using a big roller, multi-point, grouped frequency conversion
transmission, less crumples, suitable for high-density elastic fabrics.
  (8) High liquid with padder under the liquid supply system can increase liquid quantity; it
can make the fabric suck the chemicals equably and fully.
  (9) According to product with the law of one,two or three steps to dispose the range,
choose R model steamer to bleaching under the liquid.
  (10) Choose the efficient steaming washing boxs,diameter and quantity of the dryer cylinders,
efficient padder,spin type heat changer machine and temperature controller system.
Grid steaming and bleaching box
  1. Load with stainless steel grid, material SUS321, high strength, anti-corrosion.
Power transmission shaft turns drum special structure for section.
  2. Fabric load capacity: 3000-8000m, double layer complex possible, or single
layer complex, also single layer possible.
  3. Box body used Laser cutted, CNC bending, welding on the big flat. Roof with
stainless steel pipe used steam heating the oil to avoid dropping, outer heat
preservation plates are blasted. It have kinds of heating ways to choose.
  4. Diameter of roller in heating zone:φ180-200mm, fabric load capacity 16-80m.
  5. Synchronous drive, adopt multi-point asynchronous motor grouped frequency
conversion transmission.
  6. Man-machine interface control, fabric load capacity, machine speed, load time
can be adjusted according to the technology.
  7. In double layer grid complex steaming box during fabric changes position from
up to down there is special designed bed of rollers to ensure stable fabric
  8. Fabric in used steam seal,fabric out used liquid seal or steam seal, and also
can choose steam and liquid seal two ways.
Common used process flow chart
LMH022 Desizing, scouring and bleaching range  Suitable for medium thickness fabrics (74m long)
LMH020 Desizing, scouring range   Suitable for medium and thin fabric to desizing washing and scouring(43m long)
LMH021 Oxygen bleaching range  Suitable for medium and thin fabric to hydro peroxide bleaching (30m long)
LMH023 Desizing, scouring and bleaching range  Suitable for high-density or wide fabric (84m long)
LMH024 Desizing, scouring and bleaching range  Suitable for thick fabrics (76m long)

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